Government Funded Scholarship

Students from low income families who are bright and determined to finish their studies can apply here. This is not just to receive high quality education but also to make most of the fully funded scholarship available in all parts of the country.

This financial assistance program is made available for students who are eligible. Selection criteria is free and fair.

SC/ST Scholarship Program

SC/ST students can apply for a wide range of Higher education scholarships for their after plus two courses(College and Diploma). SC/ST students can study for free.

We provide this service free of cost. Students are required to submit a few caste documents

What We Offer

We are offering fully funded free scholarships for talented students from back ward caste and financially backward families.


Safe Career

Get safe and good career by us

Admission Only in Approved Colleges

Get scholarship and admission only in approved colleges

Simple Verification Process

Simple verification for approving scholarships

Fast Approval

Join your courses with fast approved scholarship. After applying, you can join your classes within days

Story of Nisha

My aim is to be an engineer. Decided to join engineering after completing my higher secondary education. But I didn't get admission. I was disappointed From my Senior I came to know about EduScholarship. I got free scholarship through EduScholarship.

Thank you EduScholar ship to accomblish my dream.


We got success career by EduScholarship

Varun S

B Tech CS

Many thanks to EduScholarship. I completed my Degree with 100% Scholarship

Jyothish Karunakaran

Btech Civil

I got free Scholarship with EduScholarship


Btech Civil

Many thanks to EduScholarship as I got free scholarship

Nandan Unni

Btech Electronics

Thanks EduScholarship to made my career success

What Parent Say

We got many thanks and feed back from parents for their students achivement through EduScholarship. Listed few here